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If this is your first contact with EMFexplorer, you should begin with the page for new users, which tells:

The rest of this document is an overview of the project's architecture. It may be useful for both end-users and developers who are still interested after reading the documentation for new users.

Table of contents

Project contents

The whole EMFexplorer project comprises:

Related work:

Types of EMFs

Beginning with GDI+, there are three EMF flavors:

EMFexplorer 1.0.beta doesn't parse EMF+ records. It passes EMF+ Only metafiles directly to GDI+. But you can save them as EMF or EMF+ Dual, and reload them to get them rendered by our library.

Project architecture

This is mainly for developers. End-users will use EMFexplorer.exe and, seamlessly, SCEMFAx.ocx when developers place it on HTML pages or forms.

EMFexplorer Architecture

EMFexplorer Architecture

The ActiveX

When placed on a web page, this scriptable component will download an image progressively, decompress it if necessary, and display it at the same time (like an interlaced image). Note that the SCEMFAx.ocx included in binary distribution version 1.0.beta is not signed. Internet Explorer may display a warning about it. And in high security mode, IE won't load it at all. So to test this component, set the security level to medium.

Quality insurance

EMFexplorer version 1.0.beta has successfully passed the tests on a large corpus:

With this resource, almost any kind of EMF that can be encountered may be tested (at the time of writing, there are 122 types of EMF records).

The Regression Testing Kit

For developers:
If you modify the source code, you will probably want to ensure that your modifications did not introduce new bugs. One way to check this is to run a complete test on a known set of EMF images. You may decide to acquire our Regression Testing Kit, containing:

Note that this kit is a separate work, and is not free. It can be used with any image rendering program, not just with EMFexplorer. If you are interested, contact Smith Charles (

More information

For more information, check the following pages:

Other links will be added here as the project's documentation is completed.

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