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Screen Shots

This page shows some features of EMFexplorer.

To experiment by yourself, check the images bank included in the distribution.

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EMFexplorer GUI

This is a Single Document Interface allowing to open, copy, paste, and save pages. GDI+ settings (smoothing, contrast, etc.) can be accessed rapidly through a dedicated toolbar.

EMFexplorer GUI

EMFexplorer GUI

From the original to EMFexplorer

The image is borrowed from Ghostscript examples.

Image 1: load tiger.eps into Ghostscript; then save as jpeg at 96 dpi.  Note: the original 793x1123 jpeg was shrunk with EMFexplorer.

Ghostscript tiger (click to enlarge)

Ghostscript tiger

Image 2: distillate tiger.eps to obtain tiger.pdf; print tiger.pdf on a printer at 96 dpi to obtain tiger.emf; load this file into EMFexplorer; fit to page, deactivate GDI+ (meaning GDI renders the image); then save "AS IS" (we have just reduced the size, set an additional margin, and a white background).

GDI tiger

GDI tiger

Image 3: same as preceding image, except that GDI+ is activated (meaning our renderer replaces GDI).

EMFexplorer tiger

Tiger by the EMFexplorer library

What makes a tiger

EMFexplorer allows you to view EMF records as text. The following screen shot shows a few records from the thousands making up the tiger image.

EMF as text

EMF as text

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