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This FAQ is empty for now.

The information given here is based on limitations known to the author at the time of publishing version 1.0.beta. If you are a developer, you should also take a look at the issues page.

Table of contents

Q1: Document saved as vector (emf, wmf) doesn't look good in other applications

A1: The code to save a document "As seen on screen" in metafile format (either EMF or WMF) has been deactivated because some documents are not well rendered in this format. If you are a developer, you can get the source and activate this code. It may work for you if your document doesn't contain complex ROP codes. You can propose a fix too, and we will be glad to include it in the next distribution.

Q2: Document saved as bitmap (bmp, jpg, png) doesn't look good in other applications

A2: In the "Options" dialog, ensure that the radio button "Save AS IS" is selected. Otherwise, the document will be saved at 100%, and the document rendered by Windows (GDI or GDI+), not by the EMFexplorer library.

Q3: I paste a document inside EMFexplorer, it looks smaller/larger than in the original application

A3.1: Check that the current zoom is at 100%.

A3.2: If the zoom is at 100% and the image looks smaller, this is probably a logical vs. physical DPI problem. This occurs when the original application put only a bitmap (not a metafile) in the clipboard. We create a metafile from the bitmap, but in the process we use the screen as the reference device. Click the [t] button to see "EMF as text": if your screen is set at 96dpi, you will notice that the EMF is at 81x81dpi.

Q4: Image saved as JPEG isn't compressed enough

A4: In this version, JPEG images are saved with a quality of 100% (almost no lost). In future versions, we should give the user control over this parameter.

Q5: Can I rotate my EMF at 45 degrees?

A5: In this version, the following angles are allowed: 0, 90, 180, 270.

Q6: I set transparency as "white pixels transparent everywhere" but some pixels are still white in the document

A6: White pixels are defined as RGB(255, 255, 255). A color like RGB(255, 255, 254) looks white to the human eye, but not to EMFexplorer. In this version there is no color interpolation. So color substitution is not smooth.

Q7: I want to copy from/paste into a page

A7: In this version, you can just copy a whole page, and paste the clipboard content "AS A NEW" page.

Q8: I want to annotate over image

A8: In this version, annotation is limited to this:

To set this information, pass in "Reflow Mode".

Q9: Message: "Can't mix files from different directories"

A9: The file insertion mechanism needs to be rethought. For now it is based on the assumption that all files composing a document are placed in the same directory. The document is considered as one entity that can be moved anywhere. In a document created progressively by paste (directory-free) and drag&drop, once one file is dropped, it gives its directory to the document. If this file is removed from the document, and no other file is disk-based, the document become directory-free again.

Q10: Messages: "File type not recognized", etc.

A10: In this version, the following file type are supported:

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