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Helping EMFexplorer: Donation

Some people have told me that I did not give a mean to actually make a donation. That's right. I intended to do something with Paypal-Donate. But I never found the time to implement it. On the other hand, managing checks —of small amounts, worldwide— is not quite simple. I know it is not a good thing to refuse money.

You'll find a way below to effectively put the Equity Public License in action.

Helping, Donating

There is a good way to help indirectly. You could just buy one of the Charles Edward Caplile's books. At the time of writing, I know only one: L'Ile Rebelle (The Rebellious Island). But the situation may change rapidly.

Why Caplife?

From the start he helped and encouraged me on the EMFexplorer project. He did a lot of testing while trying to assemble his collections.

To know who is Caplife, please check his web site:

What if I don't like Caplife's books?

In this context, the question is not about liking them. It is not even question of reading them. And if you would, you may not be able: for example, The Rebellious Island is written in French, for Haitian or those who are interested by Haiti...

If you buy one, the only thing I would ask you is not to destroy it or throw it away. Keep it in your library or offer it to someone else; for example to a Haitian or someone who knows one. If you are a company, you could offer a few copies to your employees (Haitian or those who are interested).

Where to find them?

The best thing to do is to check Caplife's web site (I am the webmaster). You'll see that there are bookstores in New York, Miami, Montreal, Paris where you can purchase. There are also some web sites.

How much?

The book I mentioned above —L'Ile Rebelle (The Rebellious Island)— is a novel costing about 25$ (plus postal fees if you order by Internet).

Why it is not on Amazon?

Why it is not on Amazon? I don't know.

What to do after buying?

If you buy a Caplife's book to help EMFexplorer, please let me know the title, and tell me if you want to be listed as a helper.

What if I still can't or don't want to buy books?

Last, but not least, if you don't want to buy books, you may offer some kind of promotion to a Caplife's book by displaying its cover and some comments on your web site, and linking to Caplife web site.

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